Wednesday, January 13, 2010

IDidn't Really Wanna Talk To You Today!


As my eyes flew open today, my first thought was,"God please wake Critter up to Your Love this morning!" ...and I sure hope he set his alarm clock! All day, I would think what time it was in Missouri and try to picture what Critter was doing. I would start praying and talking with God about whatever I thought he might be doing.

I have had so many sweet calls, texts and emails! Thank you my sweet friends! I really didn't wanna talk to anybody today! I just wanted to let our new "normal" sink in. We did get an email from Shelterwood that Critter was smiling and on the way to the gym. Crossfit may bill us a franchise fee for Crossfit Shelterwood! Ha!

I just realized that God is starting to plant new dreams in my heart for Critter..I want to "clean out" the old ones so there is plenty of room for God's dreams. In James 4:5 today, He reminded me that, " What God gives in love is far better than ANYTHING else I will find.." Father, love my manchild today with a double portion of YOU! Please begin doing something in Critter that only YOU can get the glory for!

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Heart of Joy said...

Teri, I had no idea that you guys were going through this. I can't know your exact pain and struggle, but I do remember my walk through Savannah's years of trouble and rebellion. I am a friend who knows what it is like to ache for her children. I am praying for the healing that each of you so dearly need. Thank you Lord for being the Great Physician and loving us enough to leave scars that prove your "surgical miracles" in our lives. From one mother to another - I'm here if you need me and if not, my prayers will continue...